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Why Choose GOOGLE WORKSPACE for business email?

GOOGLE WORKSPACE stands for more than just business email and adds productivity and value to your work.

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Google Workspace Email
price per mail box
  • 30GB Email storage
  • Unlimited Mail Filters
  • 30 Email Aliases
  • Antivirus Check
  • Get custom email @mybusiness
  • Robust integrations with Meet, Calendar, Docs, Slides & more
  • Smart Reply, Smart Compose, grammar suggestions
  • Advanced phishing and malware protection that blocks 99.9% of attacks
  • Access email, chat, voice, and video calling from one place
  • Connect third-party applications using Google Workspace add-ons
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$4.14/mo when you renew
Deliver more than
business email

Enjoy the benefits of Gmail for your business email with customized storage systems and multiple communication tools and much more.

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Connect and collaborate with your team anywhere and anytime

GOOGLE WORKSPACE provides a powerful and user-friendly set of communication tools that helps your team to collaborate from any part of the world at any time.

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Make your work smart and faster

Set up monthly meetings, calendar, and deadline notifications, manage your files on a real-time environment, GOOGLE WORKSPACE offers every tool and service that makes your work more productive.

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Complete protection from all types of threats

Thanks to Gmail's machine learning models, GOOGLE WORKSPACE makes your inbox completely immune to spam, phishing and malware threats.

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